NB|AZ Travel Notification Social Media Campaign

For this project, I partnered with the Interactive Marketing Strategist and Multi-media Producer to create graphics for the NB|AZ Travel Notifications Social Media Campaign. This involved the creation of an Icon/logo Mark, Video End Card graphics, and the photo manipulation of several images. We wanted the videos to have an Instagram filter feel.

Above: Graphic created for use on campaign collateral and videos.

Above: End Card Graphics Created using main color theme.
Three different videos we created to promote NB|AZ Travel Notifications. We selected several images to tell stories of Summer travel. Each image was edited to give the overall video an Instagram filter feel.
"Where Will You Be in 5 Years" Event Packaging
Points of Distance Infographic Poster
NB|AZ 100 Years 100 Ranchers - Greeting Cards
Camelback Wealth Center Branch Collateral
Motion City Soundtrack Packaging
Littelfuse Exact Target Email banners
Prismacolor Advertisments
Arizona Republic Million Dollar Club Sponsorship Ad
Casa De Los Ninos Sponsorship ad
Quell Energy Beverage Identity System
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