Boo At The Zoo Promotional Poster and Bag

This project is a poster for the Columbus Zoo and aquarium Halloween trick or treating event. Done in an appropriation style, this poster alludes to a bazooka bubble gum trick or treating bag from the 1950s. This was also printed on bags.

 Project Strategy: This was a promotional project for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This is multi-functional and can serve as a printed poster, or can be manufactured into trick or treat bags for the children who attend this annual event. Done in an appropriation style, this poster alludes to a Bazooka Bubble Gum package from the 1950s. the main color scheme here is Bright orange, black and white. The secondary colors present in this piece are the red and blues of the “bazooka gum” wrappers.

The target demographic of this piece includes children ages 5 and up, and their parents or guardians –22 to 49 years of age. The typefaces used in this piece are: Trade Gothic, Rockwell Extra Bold, Black Boxx, and Script. Since this is an appropriation of something from the 1950’s, 4 to 5 typefaces in a single piece is appropriate.

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