Prismacolor Advertisments

A set of two advertisements, this project is intended to promote the sales of prismacolor art products. The demographic for these advertisements is: men and women between the ages of 13 and 29 years of age. These were created using mixed media.

Arizona Business Today Campaign Infographics
NB|AZ Camelback Wealth Center Branch Brochure
NB|AZ Brand Awareness - YWCA Sponsorship Ad
Points of Distance Infographic Poster
Littelfuse Onsite Flu Clinic Poster
NB|AZ 100 Years 100 Ranchers - Greeting Cards
2013 NB|AZ Winter Swing Event logo and Collateral
John Gisi Retirement Event Invite
Camelback Wealth Center Branch Collateral
Amazing Rewards Retail Banking Direct Mail Campaign
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