Smart Women | Smart Money 2015 Event Materials

Event Materials that I designed for Smart Women | Smart Money 2015. This is an annual bank hosted event, that brings in a panel of speakers for an informative afternoon. It is Affiliated with The Women's Financial Group.

Above: Logo mark for bank hosted event: Smart Women | Smart Money 2015.
Below: Welcome sign Designed for the event.
Below: Agenda sign for the event
Below: Smart Women | Smart Money Event Save the Date
National Bank of Arizona HR Recruiting Banner
2013 NB|AZ Winter Swing Event logo and Collateral
Pantone Advertisments
Points of Distance Infographic Poster
Gabriel's Angel's "Puppy Love" Sponsorship Ad
THE GUYS - Bonding as Survivors and Allies Logo
Vegetarianism Informational Collateral
Onsite Health & Wellness Screening Collateral
Quell Energy Beverage Identity System
Amazing Rewards Retail Banking Direct Mail Campaign
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