Smart Women | Smart Money 2015 Event Materials

Event Materials that I designed for Smart Women | Smart Money 2015. This is an annual bank hosted event, that brings in a panel of speakers for an informative afternoon. It is Affiliated with The Women's Financial Group.

Above: Logo mark for bank hosted event: Smart Women | Smart Money 2015.
Below: Welcome sign Designed for the event.
Below: Agenda sign for the event
Below: Smart Women | Smart Money Event Save the Date
Which NB|AZ loan is best for your client? - Flyer
National Bank of Arizona 30th Anniversary logo
2013 NB|AZ Winter Swing Event logo and Collateral
NB|AZ Camelback Wealth Center Branch Brochure
Death and the Compass Book Design
John Gisi Retirement Event Invite
The Mark Awards 2014 Event Collateral
Vegetarianism Informational Collateral
Points of Distance Infographic Poster
NB|AZ Brand Awareness - YWCA Sponsorship Ad
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