Above: Poster about vegetarianism

Above: view of the front of all pamphlets

Above: Flat Front and Back of one Pamphlet. The art is the same on all four, aside from the color and
information featured

Below: Front folded view of the stacked brochure.

Below: Inside spread of the stacked brochure. These pages feature a food guide pyramid and some information on getting started with vegetarianism. The rest of the spreads give information about each kind of vegetarian.

Above: This is an informational collateral set (poster, pamphlets, and stacked brochure) which gives an overview on the various Kinds of vegetarianism. As this diet alternative continues to rise in popularity, it becomes more important to be subjectively informed on what the said diet entails. This set of collateral contains: 3 pamphlets outlining the pros and cons of this lifestyle (one for each subdivision of vegetarianism), one brochure that goes into more depth on the subject and includes vegetarian friendly recipes, and one poster giving a few touch
points on the topic.
Collateral Strategy: The demographic for this collateral set is: males and females ranging from 15 - 28 years
of age. The aesthetic that I used here was inspired by the Arts and Crafts and/or Art Nouveau movements.
I was inspired by these movements because they were focused on nature and a return to the handcrafted aesthetic. I felt that it was appropriate to use this style when discussing the very naturalistic diet chosen
by some. Each pamphlet features one of three colors: olive green, pink, and light blue to distinguish
between the vegetarianism types. The typeface used on these pieces is Goudy Old style.

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